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Asteroids are the chunks of rock that remain after Karbonis' core implosion, and make up the Karbonis Belt, which surrounds the Zonkerian system. Each asteroid takes up one square.


Landing on Asteroids

Asteroids, just like planets, can be landed on, provided the prisoner has a spacesuit and the necessary landing equipment for their envelope. The gravity on asteroids, though it varies slightly, is generally very weak, probably due to their very small size, compared to planets. The main advantage of landing on asteroids is the Karbonite Tablets. Aside from these, there are few minerals to be had and only the occasional surface merchant. An example of an asteroid landing can be found below, which also shows a karbonite tablet being obtained:


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PID Pieces

The following pieces of the PID Map can be found on asteroids:

B4 @ [132][44] for 1618 minerals

C3 @ [-53][90] for 811 minerals


Transport Missions

Details of Transport Missions that begin on Asteroids can be found below:


Alien's Coordinates

Minerals Distance
[-65][65] Tiboon 600 146 sectors
[59][-107] [-104][59] 1660 faction split, 329 sectors
[84][100] [-28][41] 1680 faction split, 171 sectors
[128][60] [-35][54] 2720 faction split, 169 sectors


Anti-Radar Asteroids

There are also Anti-Radar Asteroids, which will damage your radar upon going to a sector that has them. They are different from normal asteroids, in that Anti-Radar Asteroids are not visible without the aid of a third-party map.

See also:  Asteroid Field (Hidden Mission)

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