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Ambro-X (Mission)

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by alexburlton


This is a hidden mission and is entirely optional (though highly recommended) throughout the course of the game.


Mission Image/Text

Salmeen seems fascinated by Moltear's surface. He hasn't left the relief scanner since the beginning of the week. He ends up showing you the position of a Zonkerian ruin. According to him, it contains a capsule of rare gas called Ambro-X. Injecting this capsule into your radar's external ionization circuits could help increase its range significantly.



How to unlock mission: Travel to Moltear with Salmeen on board. After a certain number of sectors (which varies from prisoner to prisoner), you will trigger this mission text.

How to complete mission: Travel to [-60][36] and collect the Ambro-X from the ? brick.

Reward: You obtain the Ambro-X This item improves your radar strength by 1, allowing you to travel further in unexplored areas.



You need to have finished this and Salmeen's Step 2 to unlock Khorlan: Salmeen's Planet (Mission).

Comments (2)

Deviceing said

at 5:59 pm on May 27, 2009

Edited: This mission unlocks the Khorlan mission, not Salmeen 2 ;)

burens said

at 11:54 am on Sep 20, 2009

It only unlocks Khorlan if you have Salmeen 2 finished.

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