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Abandoned Missile (Mission)

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Abandoned Missile

By alexburlton


Abandoned Missile is another mission requiring you to travel to a square and, like the drilling licenses, there will be a special brick containing the mission object.



Mission Image/Text


We have detected the remains of a missile in the [-1][-2] sector. If you gather it we will be able to copy its molecular structure diagram into your envelope. This could highly increase your drilling capacity.



Mission Clear Text

Well done. The missile contains enough information to be used by your envelope's synthetic engine. From now on, you can send a missile by pressing the SPACE bar on your keyboard. Find merchants or special conglomerates to recharge your missiles. If you collect other debris, your maximum missile number will be increased.



How to unlock mission: Complete the Drilling License mission.

How to complete mission: Retrieve the wrecked missile from [-1][-2].

Reward: You gain the ability to fire missiles. You will start with one Standard Missile (), though you can increase how many you have, as well as upgrade their power later.



Make sure you collect the missile when it is falling, and do not do anything that will destroy the ? brick without dropping the item. That is, don't collect [O] or [Q] powerups, nor use the effects of [G] or [T] powerups  on the '?' brick.

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