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A New Generator (Mission)

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A New Generator

by alexburlton


Mission Image/Text

The generator delivered with your envelope only allows you to travel a single sector at a time. We know a Zonkerian merchant is currently in area [-2][3]. He does not speak our language, but you should still try to bargain with him, maybe you'll get a more powerful generator.


Mission Clear Text

Well done. From now on, you can go twice as far using only one hydrogen capsule. Don't hesitate to visit other merchants, their positions will now appear on your map.



How to unlock mission: Complete the "Drilling License" mission.

How to complete mission: Travel to sector [-2][3], beat the level, and then buy the V1 Generator from the Merchant for 20 Minerals.

Reward: Your first generator upgrade - you can travel two spaces per hydrogen capsule. You are also awarded a merchant map, marking all other merchants on your map for future reference.

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