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A New Colony (Mission)

Page history last edited by LayzAyzn 13 years, 2 months ago

A New Colony 

by Lavos


A New Colony is a mission given to players very early. Players given this mission must explore planet Soupaline, so that ESCorp can create a colony there. This mission is a simple task with a great reward, considering how early you can complete it.



Mission Image/Text

According to our scientists an inhabitable planet is located not far from your actual position. They call it 'Soupaline'.

Visit all territories on this planet to create a new colony on Soupaline. Because the atmosphere is highly saturated with nitrogen, purple conglomerates appear. They can re-synthesize a few seconds after being drilled.



Mission Clear Text

Well done, Soupaline is now under our control. We have transferred 200 Minerals and 12 Solid Hydrogen Capsules to your account.

Don't hesitate to discover other planets, ESCorp will be grateful if you provide some useful information about planets from this system...



How to unlock mission: Complete the Distress Call Mission.

How to complete mission: Clear all 16 sectors of the planet Soupaline.

Reward: The ESCorp will give you 200 Minerals and 12 Solid Hydrogen Capsules




The Mission Clear Text has mislead many players into thinking that there is always a reward for exploring any planet. This is not true! You will only get rewards for clearing an entire planet if a mission specifically asks you to do so. So, for example, exploring all of Lycans not only requires a large number of plays, but will not net you a special prize. (Lycans will, however, show as completed on your profile page.) More information on planet exploration can be found here.


If you have already completed all of Soupaline before receiving this mission, you need only to play a few levels (anywhere) once after the mission has been unlocked, in order to complete it.

Comments (7)

LayzAyzn said

at 11:32 am on Nov 16, 2009

The name of the mission in the title should be capitalized.

jonathantrillo said

at 11:09 pm on Aug 16, 2010

That can't be edited it seems.

Mithy said

at 10:26 am on Aug 17, 2010

Bah, it shouldn't be in caps - AB uses this weird font that has all the letters in caps, but the *really* capitalized ones are larger ;)

joonho1 said

at 5:36 pm on Aug 18, 2010

I think what LayzAyzn means is that it should be 'A New Colony (Mission)', instead of 'A new colony (mission)'... am I right?

Mithy said

at 7:44 pm on Aug 18, 2010

This is the way it's named in the game, but... it's a french game, alright - so I'll change it ;)

jonathantrillo said

at 11:44 pm on Aug 18, 2010

How did you change it?

Mithy said

at 12:05 am on Aug 19, 2010

Those are the privileges of being the founder of this wiki ;)

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